GCash Working With Authorities To Take Down Phishing Sites

GCash was continuously working with authorities to take down phishing sites.

GCASH — The mobile wallet giant was continuously working with authorities to take down phishing sites in order to protect its users from scams.

A certain phishing website (ramropost.com), which emerged last month, was recently taken down.


Phishing sites were used in order to trick customers to think that they’re on a legitimate site.

A GCash representative said that the company was constantly monitoring those types of phishing sites and immediately acted to take down those sites in coordination with authorities.

It also said that it had dedicated teams monitoring activities online, including social media, regarding scams.

In addition, it was actively working with law enforcement agencies such as NBI’s Cybercrime Division and the Philippine National Police Anti-Cybercrime Group in order to help victims report and apprehend scammers.

The mobile wallet giant urged its users to only do actions via the GCash app as some scammers used similar-looking phishing sites in order to trick users into giving their information.

When asked to verify or log-in, only do it with the GCash app,” it said.

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GCash also said that users should never share their OTP (One-Time PIN) or MPIN (Mobile Banking Personal Identification Number) as scammers often posed as a GCash representative or a friend in order to trick them into giving their OTP.

For all concerns, the mobile wallet giant said that customers should go to its Help Center.

GCash was the largest electronic wallet in the Philippines, with more than 51 million registered users.

The mobile wallet giant had been seeking to instill in its customers the practice of never sharing their details through consistent and continuous product education.

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