Roxanne Barcelo Reveals Name, Full Face Of Her Husband

Roxanne Barcelo finally revealed the name and full face of her husband.

ROXANNE BARCELO — The actress and singer recently took to social media to express her love for her husband. She also revealed her husband’s name and full face as well.

Roxanne recently surprised her followers with a name and full face reveal of her husband.

The identity of Roxanne’s husband had been shrouded in mystery since she got married to her partner in November 2019.

To recall, Roxanne would only share photos of her husband with his back turned against the camera. The only information Roxanne divulged about her husband was that he’s from Hong Kong and lived a very private life.

It was last November 21 when Roxanne gave a glimpse of her husband’s face on social media to mark their 2nd wedding anniversary.

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Roxanne finally revealed last Wednesday her husband’s full face and first name in their family photo with their son, Cinco, that she shared on Instagram.

Sharing a photo of #thepandafamily on her Instagram account, Roxanne said that the heavens blessed her with true joy and love when she prayed for happiness.

Roxanne ended the caption on her Instagram post by saying how thankful she was for having her husband and their baby in her life.

When I prayed for happiness, the heavens blessed me with true joy and love. You are worth the wait. It is my honor and privilege to be your wife, Jiggs,” Roxanne wrote. “I am forever grateful for the day you asked me to start a family with you. Thank you for your unconditional love. I love and adore you and @dababycinco with all that I am.

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