Netizens Slam QC Gov’t Over “Ayuda Para sa Toda”; Call it a ‘Superspreader’ Event

Netizens express frustration at “super spreader” ‘Ayuda para sa Toda’ in Quezon City

AYUDA PARA SA TODA – Netizens couldn’t help but express their frustration in what they dubbed as a “super spreader event” in Quezon City (QC).

Ayuda para sa toda in QC
Photo credit: Facebook/screenshot

A super spreader event is an event in which an infectious disease is spread much more than usual.

Since the country is still battling COVID-19, events drawing hundreds or even thousands of people are being constrained.

This will help lessen the insurgence of the dreaded disease which might be acquired thru such festivities wherein social distancing is not visible.

But earlier, a so-called super spreader event took place at the Quezon Memorial Circle grounds.

In a Facebook video uploaded on “Lente ng Kyusi,” people stormed the venue with hopes to receive “Ayuda para sa TODA”. The event took place last December 12.

Click to watch the video below:

Ayuda Para Sa TODA

The video shows that the people in the area are no longer following the social distancing and that some others were pushing to enter the area.

A voice can be heard in the video that seems disappointed with the chaos in the area: “Ang ganda ng kaayusan, siksikan.”

Netizens expressed their frustration with the city government’s failure to implement the minimum health protocol at their event.

Here’s the comment of some netizens:

In the caption, the distribution of ayuda to tricycle and taxi drivers should be done house to house and not having the people line up for over six (6) hours.

The local government of Quezon City headed by Mayor Joy Belmonte has yet to issue any statement with regards to the said event.

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