Lucky Plants for the Year 2022 (Year of the Water Tiger)

Here are some Lucky Plants for the Year 2022

LUCKY PLANTS 2022 – Here are some of the lucky plants that can allegedly bring success and prosperity into your home next year.

Feng Shui consultant Jean Chua claimed that several types of plants can bring luck and good vibes into the house. Aside from their beautiful appearance, plants can also improve the energy.

Chua said that having a plant baby in the house can deflect negativity inside our home. It also help to attract positive energy, which allows the circulation or flow of happiness inside the house.

Lucky Plants

“Any kind of plants. Nag-iiba lang ‘yung meaning nila because of their appearance and their features, Yung mga plants kasi, ginagamit din silang pang-deflect ng negativity and also to attract good energy, circulation o flow into your space upang magka-happiness or brightness sa lugar niyo,” Chua said.

Here are some lucky plants that we may consider:

Snake Plant

  • The yellow color on its sides symbolizes money and stability while its upward-growing leaves represents luck and success.

Money Tree

  • This plant usually grows six leaves, which is associated with blessings and allowing the good flow of money. It is best placed along the hallway or in the living room.

Peace Lily

  • This plant has either white or green color. It symbolizes victory and leadership. It can also give focus and clarity when looking for money luck.

NJoy Pothos

  • It has dual-colored leaves, white symbolizes peace and harmony while white represents money and good fortune.

Aglaonema Katrina

  • Its leaves have green with a pop of red color. This plant is good for career-wise people and brings money luck for those who desire for more opportunities.

What can you say about these lucky plants?  Just leave your comments and suggestions for this report.

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