Heart Evangelista Launches First NFT Artworks

Heart Evangelista officially launched her first NFT artworks.

HEART EVANGELISTA — The painter and style influencer recently took to social media to announce that she officially launched her first NFT (non-fungible token) artworks.

Heart Evangelista
Photo: Heart Evangelista / Instagram

On Thursday, Heart officially announced that she had officially launched her first two NFT artworks on OpenSea and also revealed the circumstances that led her to paint the two artworks.

One of two artworks was an image of women — Heart’s favorite subject — in different melancholic expressions. According to her, she painted both artworks last year in the middle of the pandemic when Manila was strictly locked down.

She shared that the lockdown was “a time of great transition” for her, adding that everything going on in her busy life slowed down and she’s able to be still and contemplate the changes that were going on.

Working on those artworks helped her deal with her new realities then. According to her, she felt those artworks immortalize what she felt during the lockdowns.

Hopefully we never have to go through anything like that again, but I think it’s important we have art like these NFTs that commemorate what we went through and eventually overcame,” Heart said.

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Heart also explained to her followers how to access her NFT artworks or buy those artworks should they be inclined.

She also urged her followers to visit her OpenSea page on November 4-7 to buy one of her NFT artworks.

According to her, she worked on the two NFT artworks in collaboration with Cryptopop’s Luis Buenaventura, one of the first NFT artists in the world, and Rodel Colmenar, composer of the Manila Philharmonic Orchestra.

Together, I think we created a piece that truly immortalizes the transitions, stillness, and emotions we experienced as last year’s craziness put our lives to a halt,” Heart said. “I’m so proud of these NFTs and hope they’ll speak as deeply to you as they do to me!

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