Heart Evangelista Set To Introduce First NFT This November

Heart Evangelista was set to introduce her first NFT this November.

HEART EVANGELISTA — The fashion icon and an entrepreneur recently announced that she’s set to introduce her first non-fungible token (NFT) this November.

Heart Evangelista

Heart was currently working with Filipino artists in order to create her first NFT.

NFTs have become popular in the past year as artists and collectors turned to the digital market amidst the pandemic. The digital asset, which can be music, art, and even memes, GIFs, and tweets.

Those digital assets basically existed on a blockchain and were bought and sold online.

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Heart was joining the bandwagon as she officially announced that she’ll be introducing her first non-fungible token this November. She also shared a photo of herself pouring efforts and hard work into her art along with the explanation in the caption on her Instagram post.

According to her, she had been studying NFTs in the previous months and talking with local artists in order to make her first NFT possible.

She also explained that an NFT was a new kind of digital art that’s secured by blockchain technology and can take many digital forms including videos, art, and music.

Heart added that anything that can be digitally stored can be made into an NFT.

These are really cool because they let a buyer prove that they are the true owner of a piece of art even if the art can be freely viewed by the public online. It’s such an interesting combination of art and technology that lets artists express themselves in a whole new way!” Heart said.

Gizguide reported that Heart had been in talks with Manila Philharmonic Orchestra composer Rodel Colmenar and Filipino NFT artist Luis Buenaventura for the previous months.

As a result, she said that she’s able to create her very first NFT using some of her favorite pieces. Heart also expressed her excitement about working with talented artists in order to bring NFT pieces to life.

In addition, Heart mentioned that her NFTs will be available on the OpenSea marketplace starting November 4 and also guaranteed her fans that she’ll post more information on how to own her NFTs in the coming days.

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