Cristy Fermin Calls on Albee Benitez to Stop Production of Lunch Out Loud

Cristy Fermin to Albee Benitez: “Isarado mo na ang LOL”

CRISTY FERMIN – The showbiz veteran called on former congressman Albee Benitez to stop the production of Lunch Out Loud.

Albee Benitez and Lunch Out Loud
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This, following the alleged accident involving host Jeffrey Tam.

In the latest episode of “Take It Per Minute,” Cristy Fermin, Lolit Solis and Mr. Fu were discussing about Billy Crawford who allegedly kicked a box that caused the magician-host to fall onstage.

“Sinipa niya yung karton, bumagsak si Jeffrey Tam sa entablado. Nagkaroon ng ano sa spine niya eh,” Mr. Fu said.

“Yung karton sinipa niya, tumama si Jeffrey sa entablado,” Cristy explained.

According to her, Billy was prompted on doing so after being told by Bayani Agbayani. Jeffrey, on the other hand, was given medical attention after accumulating a spine injury.

Meanwhile, Cristy Fermin called on former Congressman Albee Benitez to stop the production of the said show.

Albee is the founder of Brightlight Productions, the production company behind Lunch Out Loud which premiered on October 19, 2020. It is presented by notable ABS-CBN talents and social media influencers, namely Billy Crawford, Alex Gonzaga, Bayani Agbayani, K Brosas, KC Montero, Wacky Kiray, Jeff Tam, Laboching and Mark Averilla aka Macoy Dubs.

Watch the video below:

But before she made the call, Lolit Solis earlier said the production of the noontime program must be stopped to avoid such accidents.

Billy Crawford has yet to comment about the matter.

What can you say about this report? Do you think it is necessary to shut down the production of the show following the incident? Share your thoughts or insights in the comment section below.

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