Street Sweeper Impresses Netizens After Learning to Speak 11 Languages

Public Admires Street Sweeper Who Learn How to Speak As Many As 11 Languages

A street sweeper impressed the online community after learning to speak as many as 11 languages and could interact with tourists very well.

A Malaysian man named Mohamad Azizi Bahuddin is working as a street sweeper in Mersing, Johor, which is a popular tourist destination in the country. He decided to start numerous languages because everyone is speaking many languages.

Mohamad noticed that the tourists were not using universal language like English and heard them talking in their native tongues. The tourists asking directions are talking to him in various languages prompt him to enhance his communication skills.

Street Sweeper

The curious man has started to study new tongues and ended up learning over 11 languages. The hardworking guy impressed the tourists visiting the area because of his ability to speak to different nationalities.

I will improve this skill to make it easier for me to share tourist information, help foreigners and create a positive image of the Mersing district, in addition to my main responsibility of maintaining the cleanliness in the area. Bahuddin said.

The street sweeper also revealed that foreigners didn’t like him speaking in English. He remained dedicated to his job while learning various languages and even receive an outstanding employee award.

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Bahuddin could speak his Malaysian language and foreign languages such as Chinese, Dutch, Norwegian, Japanese, Danish, Ukrainian, Czech, Russian, German, Spanish, and Italian. He earned praises and admiration online because of his dedication to his job.

Street Sweeper

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