Netizens Disgusted at Inappropriate Joke of Brenda Mage to Eian Rances

Viral video of Brenda Mage and Eian Rances

Netizens did not like the inappropriate joke made by comedian and Pinoy Big Brother housemate Brenda Mage to his fellow housemate Eian Rances.

Brenda Mage and Eian Rances
Credit to the rightful owner of the photos

A video clip where Brenda and Eian can be seen talking is now spreading on social media.

Brenda was lying with his back to the camera while Eian was leaning against the wall.

Brenda and Eian did not directly mention in their conversation what the comedian was referring to about “tuloy o tigil.”

But based on Eian’s reaction, netizens easily determined that the comedian was referring to his private body parts.

That’s why most of them commented in disgust and expressed frustration at Brenda’s inappropriate joke to Eian.

Watch the video below:

Some netizens said that Brenda Mage would have been their bet to win PBB this season.

Some even mentioned that Brenda has a boyfriend outside the house who even sent him a letter when he entered the PBB house.

Many also say that Brenda should be charged with a violation or forced eviction because of the joke he made to Eian.

So far, there is no news on what happened next after this conversation between Brenda and Eian.

Brenda and Eian were among the first set of celebrity housemates to enter Kuya’s house when it opened on October 16, 2021.

Brenda Mage, dubbed the “Fun-Along Comedian ng Cagayan de Oro,” was first recognized as a finalist of “Miss Q&A” on It’s Showtime.

Eian, the so-called “Striving Streamer ng Quezon,” is a Star Magic talent who was recognized for his streams on the video streaming app Kumu.

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