Man Passes Away During Short Time w/ Girlfriend in Cebu City Motel

Motel Attendant Found Man Lifeless After Having Short Time w/ Girlfriend in Cebu City

MOTEL ROOM – A man reportedly passed away during his “Short Time” with his beloved girlfriend at a motel in Cebu City.

On Tuesday early morning (October 19, 2021), the motel attendant named Jimmy Apolona said that a 37-year-old man checked in at a motel in the north reclamation area in Cebu City with his girlfriend.

The couple checked in for a short time around 11:40 pm Monday (October 18). The guy is a little bit older with his partner who was in her 20s. Apolona knocked on the door around 2:40 am because their time has expired.

Cebu City Motel

Unfortunately, the couple failed to respond and answer the attendant. The motel crew has decided to open the room using the building’s duplicate key. He was shocked after seeing the guy’s lifeless body.

Apolona also searched for the woman around the vicinity but he failed to find her. The lady has already left even before the check-in time expired.

The motel employee immediately contacted the Emergency Rescue Unit Foundation (Eruf). Rescue personnel and reported the incident. The rescuers checked the guy and declared that the latter was already dead.

According to the authorities, the victim died of heart attack.

The incident is just considered as an isolated case. These types of death were happening very rare. Medical experts usually found cardiac arrest due to excitement is one of the major causes.

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