Leni Robredo on Campaign Color: “Hindi naman kulay ‘yong nagdedefine sa tao”

Leni Robredo on campaign color: “Hindi naman kulay ‘yong nagdedefine sa tao”

On Friday, Vice President Leni Robredo said that the campaign color used by a candidate wasn’t what defined a person, as should be based on the choices people make.

Leni Robredo

Robredo was wearing a distinctive pink ribbon when she stepped out last Thursday to announce her decision to run for president and file her certificate of candidacy (COC) at the Sofitel’s tent in Pasay City.

On Friday, the Vice President was donning a pink outfit when she announced that she’s teaming up with Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan.

This left people wondering whether she’s departing from the color “yellow”, the color that was widely associated with the Liberal Party which the current administration had derogatorily given the byname “dilawan”.

However, Robredo said during a press briefing at her office in the Quezon City Reception House that this wasn’t a planned event as she only adhered to the color picked by volunteers who were encouraging her to run for president in the 2022 elections.

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Robredo also revealed that they didn’t have the chance to pick a color motif because her decision was admittedly belated.

The Vice President noted that the color used by a candidate wasn’t what defined him or her, as should be based on the choices people made.

Hindi naman kulay ‘yong nagdedefine sa tao eh. May kasabihan we are defined by the choices we make. Pero sa akin importante rin sa akin ‘yong pink kasi pakiki-isa sa mga naniniwala, pakiki-isa doon sa outpouring of — not support for me — pero outpouring ng emosyon, ‘yong pakiramdam about how things are going,” Robredo said.

Regarding “yellow”, the Vice President said that this color of the Liberal Party was used for past struggles. However, Robredo said that there were bigger fights now, which were symbolized by the color pink.

Robredo also stressed that the fight wasn’t only about preventing the return of former senator Bongbong Marcos, but also against the current government.

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