Yen Santos Allegedly has a Non-Showbiz Boyfriend

Is it true that Yen Santos has a non-showbiz boyfriend?

YEN SANTOS – The controversial actress allegedly has a non-showbiz boyfriend.

Yen Santos
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Cristy Fermin in her program via Radyo Singko 92.3 News FM with Rommel Chika said the actress plans to have a baby this coming November.

The radio host and veteran writer stressed that Yen already has a boyfriend, that’s why when rumors spread that she was the third party in the Paolo-LJ Reyes breakup, she could not believe it.

When asked by Rommel Chika why she wanted to get pregnant in November, she said: “Hindi ko rin alam, pero iyon ang napiling buwan.”

A source told Reggee Bonoan of Bandera that Yen Santos’ boyfriend is a non-showbiz guy. But the source doesn’t have any idea whether the two will get married first then have a baby or the other way around.

Although away from the limelight, her boyfriend allegedly has connections with showbiz and is popular to some.

Meanwhile, Yen is currently making rounds online following his rumored affair with her fellow “A Faraway Land” star Paolo Contis.

In fact, Cristy Fermin earlier confirmed that Paolo Contis and Yen Santos are the personalities in the viral photo and video.

Earlier, a photo who appears to be the stars of “A Faraway Land” made rounds online.

It was followed by a video of two people walking along the street.

Their faces are being covered with a face shield and therefore, it is difficult to determine who they really are.

Some netizens claimed that the tattoos and footwear of Paolo and Yen matched with those in the photo and video.

After trying to figure out who might be the personalities in the viral posts, Cristy Fermin confirmed that it was indeed Paolo and Yen in the viral photo and video.

She added that the two were also the personalities spotted eating together at a restaurant.

According to her, the two went to the restaurant after attending a mass in Manaoag.

She noted that Paolo and his partner LJ Reyes have been separated for a long time when it happened.

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