President Duterte to Senator Gordon: “Either you submit to an auditing procedure or we quarrel”

President Duterte to Senator Gordon: “Either you submit to an auditing procedure or we quarrel”

President Rodrigo Duterte had given an ultimatum of sorts to Senator Richard Gordon, the chairman of the Philippine Red Cross (PRC).

President Duterte and Senator Gordon

In his “Talk to the People” address aired Saturday morning, the President threatened Senator Gordon with actions such as directing the national government to “disassociate” with the Philippine Red Cross and also digging up alleged “personal dirt” on the senator as well.

Senator Gordon had refused to have the Philippine Red Cross audited by the Commission on Audit (COA) and had also reportedly failed to submit the non-government organization’s annual financial report to the Office of the President.

Either you submit to an auditing procedure or we quarrel. Pag mag-quarrel, do your worst because I will do mine. I’m sure I will find plenty of [wrong]…basta plenty when we start with you, Senator Gordon,” President Duterte said.

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During the briefing, the President again disputed the senator’s claims that the Philippine Red Cross — a non-government organization — can’t be subjected to a government audit.

According to the President, he will write a letter to Senator Gordon to open up his records in the coming days and he’ll be forced to totally disassociate with him if he refused to.

President Duterte also wondered out loud why the Philippine Red Cross hasn’t been providing him with their annual financial reports, which was required under Republic Act 10072 or the Philippine Red Cross Act.

I’m looking for the annual reports…the Red Cross must submit to the President an annual report. Since then, wala akong natanggap. Anim na taon na ako. Mr. Senator Gordon, nasaan na ang report?” the President asked.

President Duterte then mentioned some names as if to tell the senator that he has a lot of information about him. The President also associated the senator with “dubious characters” as well.

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