PNP Warns the Public on Using Dating Apps

Here’s the warning of PNP about using dating apps

The Philippine National Police (PNP) warned the public to be careful in using dating apps because they can be used for a crime.

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Due to lockdowns and limitations in people’s movement, it seems that more and more people are encouraged to use online dating applications to meet or seek solace or entertainment.

With the crimes being committed through dating apps, PNP chief Gen. Guillermo Eleazar warned the public about using them.

He said: “Huwag mag-engage sa mga ganyan…”

He added: “Tandaan ninyo na ‘yan ay nagiging daan para kuhanan nila basehan na eventually iba-blackmail na kayo at ang punta noon extortion na,”

Eleazar made the statement after the Optical Media Board (OMB) raided an office in Quezon City for doing illegal activities.

It is said that its modus operandi is using messaging and dating apps to offer confidential photos or massage and other services to clients.

They offer between $20 to $50 or the equivalent of P1,000 to P2,500 for massage with extra service.

Once the customer is convinced, their credit card details will be used for extortion and robbery.

OMB arrested 16 workers who were caught in the act during the raid.

Authorities also confiscated at least 20 computers being used for illegal transactions. They will be examined to obtain information on possible other branches of the alleged illegal business.

The lawyer of the said business insisted that their operation was legal.

Suspects might face multiple cases such as violation of the Optical Media Act of 2003 and possible violations of the Anti-Cybercrime Law.

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