Gabbi Garcia Reveals Khalil Ramos Met Her Parents On First Date

Gabbi Garcia revealed that Khalil Ramos met her parents on their first date.

Kapuso star Gabbi Garcia recently revealed in their latest podcast episode that her boyfriend Khalil Ramos met her parents on their first date.

Khalil Ramos and Gabbi Garcia
Photo: Gabbi Garcia / Instagram

Unlike other couples who went through the “meet the parents” phase, Gabbi said the exact opposite that happened with her and her boyfriend.

In the latest episode of “Figure It Out with Gabbi and Khalil” podcast, Gabbi said that although it’s unplanned, Khalil met her parents on their first date.

Khalil and Gabbi also shared that they had their first date and personally saw each other only for the 2nd time two years after they met in 2015.

Gabbi said that her father drove for her because she didn’t have a driver at that time. She also said that both her parents were surprisingly okay with it after saying that she’s meeting with Khalil.

According to her, her parents drove her to the Japanese restaurant after picking her up from her workshop.

Gabbi also recalled that her parents saw Khalil standing outside and her parents rolled down the car windows and greeted him, which surprised him at that time.

On our first date, meet the parents agad,” Khalil jokingly said.

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Khalil also shared that even though he’s conscious about how his hair looked, he removed his cap to greet Gabbi’s parents.

Gabbi then remembered her mom humming in approval after opening the door for her. According to her, her mother kept messaging her and asking how her date was going all throughout the date.

She also shared that she realized her parents had already left after their date and Khalil offered to drive her home if she’s comfortable with it.

Gabbi and Khalil said that they felt like their first date set the vibe of their whole relationship.

I think that’s the most important part: start off as friends. That also explains why we’re very chill as a couple. We’re not as romantiko, as gigil talaga. We’re just very chill kasi from the very start we’re just chill,” Gabbi said.

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