Instagram Intros New “Limits” Feature And Other Anti-Abuse Features

Instagram introduced its new “Limits” feature and other anti-abuse features.

INSTAGRAM LIMITS FEATURE — Instagram officially introduced its new “Limits” feature and other anti-abuse features on the platform.

Instagram Limits
Photo: Instagram

Turning Limits on prevented anyone who didn’t follow you, or who recently followed you, from commenting or sending a Direct Message (DM).

The said feature was globally available to everyone, and Instagram pointed out that it will likely be the most useful feature to businesses and creators who expected a flurry of responses.

Although turning comments or direct messages off entirely would also work, Instagram said that this was a solution for those who still wanted the possibility of positively engaging with their community.

Instagram said that it’s also “exploring ways” in order to preemptively suggest that people turned the said feature on when it detected a spike in activity.

Additionally, Instagram was building out its Hidden Words feature that launched last April, which allowed users to automatically filter direct messages with offensive words, emoji, and phrases relegating them to a hidden folder.

The said feature has a wider list of potentially offensive words, hashtags, and emoji.

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And finally, Instagram was issuing sterner warnings to those who tried to post offensive comments.

In a press release, Instagram said that they hoped those new features will better protect users from seeing abusive content, adding that they knew there’s more to do — including improving their systems in order to find and remove abusive content more quickly and holding those who posted it accountable.

Instagram’s new feature came as the company had been in the news this summer after Black soccer stars in England were flooded with racist messages following their team’s Euro 2020 final loss.

At present, Instagram was trying to prevent some of that behavior from happening again by introducing and expanding its three safety features.

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