Richard Gomez Helps Calm Vaccine Recipient During Inoculation; John Estrada Reacts

Richard Gomez helps calm a vaccine recipient

RICHARD GOMEZ – The actor-turned-politician helped to calm a vaccine recipient during vaccination.

Richard Gomez
Credit to rightful owner of the photos

Recently, he went to the image-sharing site, Instagram wherein he shared a candid moment of him at a vaccination site.

He wrote: “There was this lady at the vaccination area inside the Superdome who was very scared and nervous just before getting her jab. I asked her if it would help calm down if I held her hand while getting injected. She said yes. Naluoy ko, hugot intawon kaayo iya pagpislit sa ako kamot.”

His post was then flooded with reactions.

Among those who commented is no less than his best friend John Estrada.

He said: “Ang d nila alam takot ka rin sa karayum besfriend”

To which Richard Gomez responded: “hahahahahahahaha! Kaya nga naiintindihan ko yung situation nya. Hahahahahahaha!”

COVID-19 vaccination has been rolled out across the country to combat the rapid increase of COVID-19.

Among those who were on the priority list of the COVID-19 vaccination program are medical frontliners, persons with comorbidities, and senior citizens.

Celebrities as well as delivery service riders, self-employed, and other laborers who have to go out for work are part of the A4 category.

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