Niña Jose Suffers 2nd Degree Burns Due to ‘Suob’ Accident Last year

Suob accident of Niña Jose

Niña Jose took to social media wherein she shared a painful accident due to “suob” a year ago.

Niña Jose
Photo credit to the owner

“This day last year around 11 pm, I was doing suob and the pail of steaming hot water was in a shaky table,” she wrote.

According to her, in a short time, the steaming hot water apparently fell on her.

She was in a state of shock after the accident and it took her a few minutes before realizing the pain.

Niña Jose accumulated second-degree burns in various parts of her body such as her thighs, butt, and even her private part.

She was supposed to give birth that month if she did not suffer a miscarriage.

Niña Jose was in pain for two (2) months.

“They had to debris the burn in the shower and I was in immense pain,” she said.

Although her pain tolerance is quite high, she had to be under painkillers and “pinakaextreme” dextrose.

“The meds and the cream and the bandaid thing was super painful too because it sucks out the wounds and the burns,” she added.

In the later part of her post, Niña Jose warned the public to be careful when doing a suob.

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