Divine Lee Receives Second Dose Of COVID-19 Vaccine

Divine Lee received her second dose of COVID-19 vaccine.

Celebrity vlogger Divine Lee recently took to social media as she shared that she had received her second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Divine Lee
Photos: Divine Lee / Instagram

Divine, who was pregnant with her third child, had received her second dose of COVID-19 vaccine as she shared in her Instagram post photos of herself getting vaccinated against the coronavirus disease.

Expressing awe over the efficient and quick vaccination process, she wrote, “Done in 30 mins. Guys, please register and get vaccinated! Ask, inquire and research. Be proactive in this. Countdown to 2 weeks begins! Then I can proudly say I’m fully vaccinated.”

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It was last May when she shared that she’s able to receive her first dose of COVID-19 vaccine. At that time, she said that she’s happier than receiving a message from her crush after getting vaccinated against COVID-19.

Mas masaya pa than sa tinext back ni Crush or baka kalevel. Hahaha! Pregnant and vaccinated,” Divine said.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said that pregnant women can receive a COVID-19 vaccine as they’re more likely to get severely ill with COVID-19 compared to those who weren’t pregnant.

Although there were currently limited data on the safety of COVID-19 vaccines in pregnant women, experts believed that COVID-19 vaccines were unlikely to pose a risk to pregnant women.

Aside from her, other celebrities such as Chito Miranda, Isabelle Daza, and Alice Dixson have received their COVID-19 vaccine doses.

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