Quezon City Issues Guidelines for Community Pantries

The local government of Quezon has issued guidelines on the operation of community pantries within the city.

Quezon City community pantry guidelines
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This was after the chaos at the pantry organized by actress Angel Locsin on her 36th birthday wherein a senior citizen waiting in line fainted and eventually passed away.

Although Barangay Permit or Clearance will not be a pre-requisite, QC Mayor Joy Belmonte “strongly urged QCitizens intending to operate a community pantry to submit a written notice to the barangay where the pantry is located, including indicating the person responsible for its operation,”

In accordance with the guidelines issued by Quezon City, organizers of the community pantries may coordinate with the barangay to ensure crowd control measures.

This includes limiting the number of people being served daily as well as set cut-off time.

Those who are lining up should at least wear face masks while pantry staff must wear face masks and face shields.

Aside from that, social distancing (one-meter) must also be enforced.

On the other hand, eating and drinking in the vicinity of the community pantry is prohibited.

Unnecessarily touching or handling items on display are also not allowed.

“They are also responsible for food safety. Food must be fresh or not expired, and no adulterated, spoiled or unsanitary foods shall be distributed,” she said.

Pantry staff is required to observe as well the existing public safety hours. This means they will only operate from 5 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Meanwhile, law enforcement would only intervene if there’s a violation of health and safety protocols.

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