Leila Alcasid Admits to Having Eating Disorder

“I have a long and frustrating history with an eating disorder,” says Leila Alcasid

LEILA ALCASID – The daughter of singer-songwriter Ogie Alcasid admitted in a social media post that she has an eating disorder.

Leila Alcasid
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Recently, she went to the image-sharing platform, Instagram wherein she posted a photo of herself.

In the caption on her post, she bravely shared that she’s battling eating disorder which resulted in the fluctuation of her body weight.

“I have a long and frustrating history with an eating disorder, and was never quite able to look at my body with kindness and love,” she said.

“Always trying intense diets and depriving myself rather than providing the nourishment I really needed,” she added.

According to her, her body weight has fluctuated greatly over the last five (5) years.

She added that what other peple say about her body is “incredibly damaging.”

But now, she has finally learned to love and embrace herself.

Leila Isabel van Eimeren–Alcasid is the daughter of Ogie Alcasid with the latter’s ex-wife Michelle van Eimeren.

It was in 2017 when she decided to move here in the Philippines and since then, she has been active on acting and music mainstream.

She currently resides with Ogie, Regine Velasquez and Nate in Metro Manila as she pursues her career in the Philippines.

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