Carlo Aquino Reveals Death Threat Against his Daughter

Carlo Aquino: “Papano kayo pinalaki ng mga magulang ninyo?”

CARLO AQUINO – The actor revealed through his IG stories the death threat against his daughter.

Carlo Aquino daughter
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Recently, the actor took to his official Instagram page wherein he posted the death threat against his daughter.

This came after Carlo posted a photo of his child.

Apparently, an IG user with a fake account messaged him at the same time threatening his little child.

Carlo Aquino replied to the basher and eventually reposted his conversation with the basher on IG stories.

His post was accompanied by the caption: “full grown adults who makes fake accounts to do this. Ano na ang nangyari sa mundong ito. Papano kayo pinalaki ng mga magulang ninyo? Magkano sinasahod niyo para gawin ito? Worth it ba?”

Tricia Candaza on the other hand reposted Carlo’s IG story on her official Instagram page.

Meanwhile, it was in 2018 when Carlo and Trina first met. It happened at a car show where Trina she was a model.

After months of dating and seeing each other, they officially became a lover in January 2019.

And recently, they made a buzz online after revealing that they already have a baby.

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