Actress Sunshine Cruz Isolates Herself At Home

Actress Sunshine Cruz isolated herself at home.

Actress Sunshine Cruz recently took to social media as she shared that she isolated herself at home and shared her experience while in self-isolation.

Sunshine Cruz
Photos: Sunshine Cruz / Instagram

Celebrities and supporters sent their prayers and messages of support for Sunshine, who recently hinted that she had been infected by the coronavirus disease.

Sunshine posted a photo of herself on her Instagram account last Saturday wherein she’s lying in her bed in pajamas.

As seen in the caption on her Instagram post, she said that it’s already a blessing that she’s just isolated in the comfort of her home, adding that she may not see her kids but hearing and chatting over the phone with them made her look forward to seeing and hugging them once again.

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While she didn’t directly confirm that she had tested positive for COVID-19, Sunshine revealed in her Instagram post that she had been experiencing symptoms of the deadly coronavirus disease.

I know I am on my way to recovery. Headache, body pain is now more tolerable, cough is not as worse, my sense of taste and smell have improved. I thank God everyday for I am slowly getting better,” Sunshine said.

Prior to this, Sunshine asked her supporters for prayers as she expressed concern for her family and friends because of the coronavirus pandemic.

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