Wise Man Stops Smoking & Saves Money He Used for Cigarettes

Wise Man Quit Smoking & Starts to Save Money For Months Now

A wise man has decided to stop smoking since January 2021 and started to save the money he used to buy cigarettes.

Nowadays, smoking has been one of the most common vices of many people all around the world. A lot of smokers find it hard to quit from smoking especially when they’ve been to it for years.

However, there are still some determined and persevered people who were able to quit from their vices.

Wise Man

Recently, a Facebook user named Analyn Candolea Manipis has shared the photos of her beloved husband who is able to stop his vices and saved money. The post goes viral online and earned comments from the netizens.

Analyn proudly posted the photos of her husband Sherwin Manipis who quits from smoking last January 2021. Sherwin also saved the money he is supposed to buy cigarettes on his “Alkansiya”.

After two months of saving, Sherwin was able to save at least P4, 360. His wife congratulated him for his achievement and dedication to stop his vices. He would also try to save money for a year.

Wise Man

Here is the full post:

start ng january d n sya ngyosi kya lahat ng pngyosi nya hinuhulog nya dyn s alkansya nya. Sinilip nmin at binilang nmin ngyn after 2 months total 4360!! Not bad papa! congrats ntigil din yosi mo my pera k pa

Tuloy lng pgipon try mo nmn 1 year

The online community expressed their reactions to the post:

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