How Many Months Are Cats Pregnant?

Wondering How Many Months Are Cats Pregnant? Here’s A Guide

HOW MANY MONTHS ARE CATS PREGNANT – Here is a guide on the pregnancy of cat including the time within the gestation period.

A lot of people are self-confessed cat lovers. Cats are intelligent and loving creatures that are easy to handle at home. They rarely make a mess unless they have to run after something – like rats.

Are you one of those people who have cats at home? Do you have both male and female cats?

The huge tendency in homes with both male and female cats is the pregnancy of the latter when the female reaches the age when she is capable to get pregnant. In fact, cats multiply fast. How many months are cats pregnant?

How Many Months Are Cats Pregnant

According to Purina, with regards to the ques on how many months are cats pregnant, it can take more than two (2) months. Usually, cats give birth within the 63rd to 67th day of their pregnancy.

However, note that some cats may give birth earlier than the 63rd day of pregnancy or later than the 67th day of pregnancy. Thus, it is important to prepare their place ahead of time and the things that will be needed.

When you suspect that your cat is pregnant, it is important to bring it to a veterinarian and have it checked. Usually, there are no physical symptoms of pregnancy in the first few weeks.

It is important that her pregnancy would be confirmed so she would be given the right vitamins needed by a pregnant cat. After two (2) to three (3) weeks, the stomach of your cat may start to grow.

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