Can Cats Eat Chocolate?

Wondering Can Cats Eat Chocolate?

CAN CATS EAT CHOCOLATE – Is your cat always looking at you whenever you are enjoying your favorite chocolate bar?

Many people are into cats. They consider them as members of the family so they also usually have the best meals and can sleep anywhere in the house.

For cat lovers, giving their cats the best is a top priority. They are treated like kids in the house thus it is a challenge not to give them a share of the food on the table. However, not all foods that cause no harm to humans are good for cats. Some are toxic.

Can cats eat chocolate

If you are wondering can cats eat chocolate, the answer is “no”. Just like dogs, a chocolate can be toxic for them due to theobromine. This ingredient is metabolized by the human body in a natural way but it does not work that way in cats and dogs.

If cats eat chocolate, there is a tendency of a toxic build-up of theobromine. It can lead to serious health conditions on cats including liver failure.

Based on an article on Purina, there is no specific amount of chocolate that is toxic to dogs as a little of the sweet treat can already lead to a problem. It will depend on the metabolism of the cat and certain factors like the pet’s weight or size may also affect it.

In case of chocolate poisoning, your cats may show restlessness, diarrhea, vomiting, increased heart rate, increased breathing, seizures, muscle rigidity, and increased body temperature.

Once you noticed the aforementioned symptoms, it is best to bring your cat to a veterinary clinic right away. Early intervention may help.

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