Gary Valenciano Updates Fans On Wife’s Bout With COVID-19

Gary Valenciano gave his fans an update on his wife’s bout with COVID-19.

Singer Gary Valenciano recently gave his fans an update on his wife Angeli Valenciano’s bout with coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

Gary Valenciano

In his latest vlog titled “COVID IN OUR HOME”, which he uploaded on his YouTube channel last Thursday, Gary had came out to assure his fans that his wife was doing okay.

According to him, Angeli wasn’t showing any symptoms of COVID-19, maintaining hers was just a “mild” case but she’s still in quarantine. In addition, Gary shared that they’re constantly communicating with each other via online and it’s made the bond even stronger because he did miss having her with him.

He then said that he’s thankful that his children were around and he’s just sharing it with his fans as he’s giving them an update that they’re going to be okay.

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For those fans who were worried about him also getting infected, Gary assured his fans that he had taken all the precautions needed. According to him, he’s just waiting for his COVID-19 test result.

Gary reiterated that testing positive for COVID-19 “does not necessarily equate to one losing his or her life”, adding that he planned to fulfill the 14 days of quarantine even if he tested negative for COVID-19.

He then recalled his life-and-death experiences in his latest vlog.

I cannot tell you and remind you enough about what I went through in 2018. Bypass, one week. A month and a week later, it was cancer on my kidney and I had to undergo surgery twice. Some might say na yeah but that’s different kasi that’s bypass and all that. But I am a diabetic type 1. I have hypertension, I am under medication. And then I had the heart and the kidney (conditions). When I went through that, please know I wasn’t delivered from facing that. I went through it. When I went through it, I did not go through it alone. God went through it with me,” he said.

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