Former President Joseph Estrada COVID-19 Test Result Revealed

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Former President Joseph “Erap” Estrada COVID-19 test result revealed

Former Senator Jinggoy Estrada on Monday revealed the COVID-19 test result of former President Joseph “Erap” Estrada.

Former President Joseph Estrada
Photo source: CNN Philippines

In a Facebook post, Jinggoy announced that his father, who was also a former Manila Mayor, was rushed to the hospital last night since he’s getting weak.

According to him, his father was diagnosed to be “positive” for COVID-19, adding that his father’s condition was stable and he’s asking for prayers for his father’s swift recovery.

GMA News Online reported that Jinggoy said in an interview on Dobol B TV that he first noticed on Thursday that his father wasn’t his usual strong self.

According to him, it was last Thursday when he noticed that his father grew weak and also went to the bathroom often. Jinggoy also said that he became nervous and decided that he had his father undergo swab test on that day and the result was “negative”.

He also shared that he noticed on Sunday that his father became very weak and was catching his breath. Jinggoy also said that he called a doctor at that time, adding that his father’s oxygen level also went down at that time.

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The former Senator added that it was the hospital’s standard operating procedure to perform a COVID-19 swab test on those to be admitted.

Jinggoy’s father’s COVID-19 swab test showed “positive” for the coronavirus disease on Sunday. According to him, his father didn’t go out much.

Unang una, mahigpit naming sinasabi sa kanya na senior citizen siya, madaling mahawa. Siguro one of his visitors merong may COVID, nahawa, ‘di rin natin alam,” Jinggoy said.

Jinggoy said that they would be careful and wouldn’t allow visitors to their house anymore in order to prevent the further transmission of coronavirus disease. He also said that he had gone on self-quarantine since he’s a close contact of his father.

Jinggoy also said that his father’s condition had improved as his oxygen level had gone up.

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