Arci Muñoz Shows Part Of Her New BTS Merch Haul

Arci Muñoz showed part of her new BTS merch haul.

Actress and die-hard BTS fan Arci Muñoz recently showed part of her new merch haul from some of South Korean pop group’s collection.

Arci BTS Merch Haul
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While most of her content on her YouTube channel had always been about BTS, she — also a die-hard ARMY (fan of BTS) — admitted that she no longer had the time to post anything BTS-related on YouTube.

Thus, Arci decided to release new BTS-related content by showing fellow ARMYs her new merch haul. Arci then reiterated how much she loved BTS as she showed her new merch haul.

Having bought expensive items for her new BTS collection, Arci said: “Ang galing talaga mambudol ng BTS. Nabudol ako ng matindi.

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Some of the items she showed include vitamins, plush pillows, and a popular brand of mobile phone endorsed by BTS. She also shared that she purchased BTS “BE (Essential Edition)” album package.

However, Arci shared that the “greatest budol” of them all was a BTS danjang fashion doll of her bias (most favorite member of an idol group) Jimin.

The greatest budol of them all, isa po ‘to sa mga na-ultimate budol ako — ay ang limited edition na danjang hanbok x mattel BTS doll. This is limited edition. And since it’s a bit pricey, si Jimin lang ang na-grab ko. Kasi super limited edition na 1,000 toys lang all over the globe. I was so tempted to get all of them, but it’s gonna be so expensive. Pero naghahanap pa rin ako. Hinahanap ko ‘yung anim pa ngayon na alam ko na hindi pala sapat ang isa. Basta sa happiness naman talaga gagawin natin sige kahit mabudol-budol tayo ng ilang beses,” Arci shared.

As a BTS fan, she manifested her support for the K-pop group countless times by flying to different countries in order to attend their shows and events, among others.

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