Xiaomi Unveils Quad-Curved Waterfall Display Concept Smartphone

Xiaomi unveiled its Quad-Curved Waterfall Display Concept Smartphone

Xiaomi recently introduced its first concept smartphone with a quad-curved waterfall display. Will this be mass-produced and sold commercially soon?

Xiaomi Concept Smartphone
Photo: Xiaomi / Facebook

Earlier today, Xiaomi had teased that it would be revealing something innovative and new that would be “mind blowing.”

And it seemed Xiaomi kept its word as it officially revealed its first Quad-curved Waterfall Display Concept Smartphone, which featured a curved display on all edges of the device.

Through its official Facebook page, Xiaomi shared an image poster revealing the said concept device.

Looking at the said device, it can be observed that all edges of the device were curved around the side of the device at an angle of 88 degrees. While curved edges weren’t something new in the smartphone industry, having all edges being curved had never been seen before.

In other words, Xiaomi’s first Quad-curved Waterfall Display Concept Smartphone was truly a unique handset that also signified its emphasis on “innovation”.

From the front part, the said device would seem to be mostly covered by the display — except the corners of the device.

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Furthermore, Xiaomi stated that it achieved the quad-curved 88 degree surface through “countless breakthroughs in glass bending and laminating technology to extend the limits of the display to infinity.”

Xiaomi also stated that the said device featured a port-free unibody design and had been built using a total of 46 different “groundbreaking” patents.

Notably, the 88 degree curved edges had been prior to this in devices like the Huawei Mate 30 Pro.

Aside from the poster, Xiaomi also shared series of photos showing the physical look of the said device.

And yes, Xiaomi also shared a teaser video showing the device’s physical look. You can watch it below:

Meanwhile, Xiaomi didn’t reveal the technical specifications of the said device as of this writing.

Prior to this, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun shared a poster and gave a hint about the possible arrival of the company’s upcoming Mi MIX series smartphone.

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