Xiaomi CEO Hints Arrival Of Mi MIX Series Smartphone

Xiaomi CEO gave a hint about the arrival of Mi MIX series smartphone

Xiaomi chief executive (CEO) Lei Jun recently gave a hint about the possible arrival of its flagship Mi MIX series smartphone.

Xiaomi CEO Mi MIX
Photo: Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun / Weibo

Xiaomi had launched its flagship smartphone in the form of Mi 11 and the company was expected to launch a couple of more devices in the lineup — including its upcoming Mi 11 Pro which could be revealed later this month.

After a gap of about two years, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun had confirmed that Xiaomi was gearing up to launch its highly-anticipated Mi MIX series smartphone.

It was also touted to be Xiaomi’s most expensive smartphone.

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Recently, Lei Jun had asked Weibo users if they would be willing to buy a smartphone worth CNY 10,000 and what would they expect from it.

In response, Weibo users said that they expected super quality at such a high price and also enough stockpile in order to be able to purchase the phone as well.

Reports indicated that the smartphone Lei Jun was talking about was Xiaomi’s Mi MIX series smartphone, which was expected to launch this year.

Unlike the Mi MIX Alpha smartphone, this will not be a concept phone and will be mass-produced and sold commercially.

While not much was known about Xiaomi’s upcoming Mi MIX smartphone as of this writing, reports said that tXiaomi could be opting for a foldable design that could be opened and closed like a book.

In that case, it would be the first foldable smartphone from Xiaomi. Given that Xiaomi Mi MIX was an experimental lineup, it seemed totally possible.

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