Jose Sarasola, Maria Ozawa Open Up On Handling “Bashing”

Jose Sarasola and Maria Ozawa had opened up about handling “bashing”

Filipino chef Jose Sarasola and former adult film star Maria Ozawa recently opened up about handling all kinds of “bashing”.

Jose Maria Bashing
Jose Sarasola and Maria Ozawa | Photo: Jose Sarasola / Instagram

Ozawa and Sarasola marked their 4th year of togetherness, but it had not always been smooth sailing due to public opinion.

In an interview on “Tunay na Buhay” last February 11, 2021, which was hosted by Pia Arcangel, Sarasola admitted that he had to deal with all kinds of “bashing”. Ozawa also joined him on the said show through a video call.

Jose Sarasola and Maria Ozawa became a couple after less than a year of Sarasola courting Ozawa. However, there were some people who were disapproved of their relationship.

It was really hard. Name it, lahat ng mga bashing, crude and negative comments, nakuha ko,” Sarasola recalled.

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Sarasola also said that he would sometimes fire back at the comments section until his friends advised him that this would only benefit those people who made the negative comments.

Meanwhile, Ozawa said that she’s kind of used to it because of the industry where she was before, adding that when she heard it at first, she really felt sorry for her partner.

I’m kind of used to it because of the industry where I was before. At first [when] I heard that, I really felt sorry for Jose. I guess we kind of like, just [let it] slip aside. If we’re happy, then who cares about the other people,” Ozawa said.

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