How To Invest In Stock Market Philippines – Investing For Beginners

How To Invest In Stock Market Philippines For Beginners

INVESTING IN THE PHILIPPINES – If you want to invest in the Philippine stock market, then you’re on the right track!

The stock market is an amazing opportunity for everyone, especially the younger generation, to achieve financial freedom. With that being said, the earlier you invest in to stock market, the greater the rewards you would gain.

Still, a lot of people worry about the complexities that come along with the stock market. However, Once you have a foot into the door, everything falls along easily.

How To Invest In Stock Market Philippines – Investing For Beginners

First of all, What is Stocks? – Basically, when a company or corporation goes public in the Philippine Stock Exchange, they allow individuals to become a shareholder.

This means, that if you bought stock from a certain company, you become a “co-owner” of the company. More importantly, you gain interest in the stock you own whenever the company grows.

However, if the company receives losses, you do so too. Still, if you think about it long term, the rates offered in most banks lag in comparison to stocks.

There are two ways you could earn from stocks:

Day Trading, and buying stocks long-term to diversify your portfolio.

If you want short-term gains through buying and selling stock, you could do so by making an account with platforms such as COL Financial. Additionally, COL also offers opportunities for you to go long-term.


First, you would need to choose a platform for you to invest stocks in. The most popular in the Philippines is COL Financial. Here, you could create your own portfolio for as low as P1,000.

How To Invest In Stock Market Philippines – Investing For Beginners

First, open an account with COL Financial, after submitting the necessary documents and verifying your account, you can already start funding.

To learn more about Buying Stock in the Philippines and creating an account with COLF, read: How To Buy Stocks In The Philippines

For those starting off their investment journey, Peso-cost-averaging is the best way to invest long-term. Once you’ve already bought your first few stocks, the best thing you could do next is to track your investments.

The good news is, COLF as a platform already has the necessary tools you need to manage/view your portfolio.

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