“Kaasar Na Yung Nanay” – Netizens Irked At Attitude Of Dacera’s Mother

Kaasar Na Yung Nanay” – Netizens Peeved Following Sharon Dacera Statements

SHARON DACERA – Following her media and statements online, Sharon Dacera, Christine Dacera’s mother, had gotten comments such as “Kaasar Na Yung Nanay”.

Naturally, Netizens expressed sympathy for a mother who just lost her daughter. However, this sympathy quickly turned into irritation after netizens noticed how she acted during interviews.

"Kaasar Na Yung Nanay" – Netizens Irked At Attitude Of Dacera's Mother

“The Duality”, netizens commented during a statement where she cried with sorrow and immediately seemed like she changed moods afterward.


Along with this, Dacera’s mother also commented “Edi wow, wow wow!” regarding the statements of the Respondents in her daughter’s case.

Additionally, netizens cited that one of the probable reasons of her actions and train of thought was the possibility of her being a DDS.

“Eh ‘di wow, wow, wow! Gano’n na lang sasabihin ko sa kanila… I need more prayers but ‘yung kamay na bakal para sa mga taong gumawa ng ganitong karumaldumal sa anak po, Tatay [Digong], parusahan niyo na po”

Meanwhile, one netizen pointed out that Sharon Dacera was in fact a fan of President Duterte. On her Facebook profile, Dacera’s cover photo was her posing for a picture next to President Duterte himself.

Another netizen commented on Dacera’s mother and said “Kaasar Na Yung Nanay”. “Parang nagdadrama nlng kontodo make up nagpapaganda Kay Sinas“, the netizen added.

Still, the fact remains that Christine’s Dacera’s death has yet to be solved. Furthermore, the PNP itself, despite Chief Sinas asserting that the case is solved, said there is a lack of evidence.

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