Flight Attendant Christine Dacera’s Mom Breaks Silence On “Hotel” Death

Mother of Flight Attendant Christine Dacera Spoke on Her Death in Hotel in Makati

FLIGHT ATTENDANT CHRISTINE DACERA – The mother of the flight attendant, Sharon Dacera, hroke her silence on the death of her daughter in a hotel in Makati City.

An unexpected incident came along with the new year for the Dacera family. One of their family members, Christine Angelica Dacera who is a flight attendant, was found dead in a hotel.

Christine spent the New Year with some of her friends in a hotel in Makati City. However, according to one of her friends, Rommel Galida, he found her unconscious in a bath tub.

The 23-year-old flight attendant of the Philippine Airlines (PAL) was given a CPR by the a security manager of the hotel. However, to no avail, she was not revived.

PAL Flight Attendant Christine Angelica Dacera

Christine was rushed to the hospital but was declared dead on arrival. An investigation quickly started on the death of the flight attendant. An autopsy was also done to determine the cause of her death.

Recently, flight attendant Christine Dacera’s mom, Sharon Dacera, spoke on the death of her daughter. Based on a report on GMA News, her daughter asked permission to spend the New Year in a hotel with some friends. She trusted her daughter and allowed her as she will be with some workmates.

According to Sharon, they were even able to talk through a video call before midnight. Based on the report, flight attendant Christine Dacera’s camp does not believe that it was a natural death.

Sharon was in tears as she was speaking and stressing the pursuit for justice over the death of Christine. She stressed that her daughter just wanted to be happy that time so she went out with friends.

The mother of the flight attendant is hoping that what happened to her daughter will not happen to anyone. Based on the report, what happened at the venue was some of her friends also invited other friends.

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