BREAKING: AFP Cancels Probe Into PSG’s Use Of Unauthorized Vaccine

AFP Cancels Probe Into PSG’s Inoculation Of Unauthorized Vaccine

BREAKING: The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) cancels the probe into the Presidential Security Group’s use of smuggled COVID-19 vaccines.

Earlier, the AFP said they would investigate the issue concerning the PSG’s procurement of unregistered COVID-19 vaccines. Supposedly, the AFP would start their probing today.

However, yesterday, President Rodrigo Duterte warned critics, the Congress, and lawmakers not to meddle with the PSG’s affairs.

BREAKING: AFP Cancels Probe Into PSG's Use Of Unauthorized Vaccine

“I would like to call on Congress — I’m not pleading —what I only want is, in plain words: Do not tinker with the PSG. I am telling you as President: It’s a matter of self-preservation.”, Duterte said.

Following this, the AFP announced that the investigations into the matter was called off. According to an article from CNN, the AFP stated:

“AFP Chief General Gilbert Gapay has called-off the scheduled fact-finding investigation today on the vaccination of some PSG personnel. This comes in the light of the recent pronouncement of the Commander-in-Chief and President Rodrigo Duterte

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