Christine Dacera Case: Respondent Claims Police Forced Them To Name Someone

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Christine Dacera Case Respondents Speak on Alleged Police Treatment

CHRISTINE DACERA CASE – A respondent in the case claimed that the police forced them to name someone as the one responsible over the incident.

One of the recent incidents that sparked national concern is the death of Christine Angelica Dacera. The 23-year-old flight attendant of Philippine Airlines (PAL) was found dead in a hotel in Makati City last January 1, 2021.

Dacera was with her friends then at a hotel to celebrate the New Year. According to her friends, they had hard drinks and parlor games during the celebration. They celebrated with some people from another room.

However, according to Rommel Galido, when he came to awaken Christine in the morning of January 1, he found her unconscious in a bathtub.

PAL Flight Attendant Christine Angelica Dacera Case

Reportedly, the group tried to revive Christine. She was also rushed to the Makati Medical Center but she was declared dead on arrival. The first autopsy determined aneurysm as the cause of her death but her family is not convinced with it.

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Three (3) of the companions of Christine were arrested. One of them is Rommel Galido who previously claimed that the 23-year-old flight attendant told him “Mark” put something in her drink.

Based on a recent report on GMA News, Rommel Galido claimed that he was forced by the police to name someone in line with the Christine Dacera case in exchange of their freedom.

“Siyempre, wala akong alam kung anong dapat gawin. Gulong-gulo ‘yung isip ko,” he said.

Based on the report, the respondent in the Christine Dacera case further said that he would grab any options then to end the issue as he was very tired. He retracted his previous statement pressing Mark Anthony Rosales.

“Si Mark ‘yung nasabi ko which is hindi naman dapat talaga kasi wala namang sinabi si Christine na Mark. Pero ‘yun ‘yung parang pinipilit,” he expressed.

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