LOOK: Here’s How Sheena Halili, Jeron Manzanero Spend Baby Martina’s First Day At Home

Here’s How Sheena Halili and Jeron Manzanero spent baby Martina’s first day at their humble home.

Sheena Halili and husband Jeron Manzanero recently gave a glimpse of how they spent their baby’s first day at their humble home.

This, as the first-time parents had brought their baby Martina home.

Sheena Jeron home

Sheena and Jeron got married last February 2020 and their marriage had been immediately blessed with a child.

They both announced that they’re expecting a baby last June and they had been sharing snippets of their pregnancy journey through their social media pages.

In fact, Sheena and Jeron were very generous about sharing this milestone to their followers and fans as they opened up about the challenges of childbearing especially during a coronavirus pandemic, their gender reveal which happened twice, the progression of Sheena’s baby bump, and Sheena’s pre-natal and self-care practices as well.

Their eager anticipation ended when they both welcomed baby Martina Candice last December 12.

Sheena and Jeron were cherishing every moment with their child despite that they’re wearing new hats as first-time parents.

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On Wednesday, December 16, Sheena and Jeron finally came home with baby Martina and gave a glimpse of how they spent their baby’s first day at their humble home.

Sheena then posted her photos wherein she’s sleeping beside her baby girl.

First morning in our home! Wala nang gaganda pa sa pagiging mommy. Kahit anong hirap, aminin natin, ang saya pag busog at sleeping na siya peacefully,” Sheena said in her Instagram post.

Meanwhile, Jeron took baby Martina to her first sunbath at the terrace and he ensured to make this moment a little extra.

Jeron recorded their video and reenacted The Lion King’s iconic scene while playing the song “Circle of Life” from The Lion King at the background.

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