Sheena Halili Names Daughter “Martina Candice”, Here’s Why!

Here’s the reason why Sheena Halili named their daughter “Martina Candice”

Jeron Manzanero took to social media as he shared the main reason why actress Sheena Halili named their daughter “Martina Candice”.

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It was last December 12, 2020 when Sheena and husband Jeron welcomed their baby at St. Luke’s Medical Center.

Jeron Manzanero, the city administrator of Pasig City who was the husband of Sheena Halili, was excited to become a dad since the day that his wife got pregnant.

Using the hashtag #HowYouMetYourParents, Jeron made his own version of the American sitcom “How I Met Your Mother” wherein the main character narrated to his kids the story on how he met their mother.

And yes, Jeron’s #HowYouMetYourParents episodes on Instagram were all about their pregnancy journey with his wife and how he narrated it to his baby.

For his latest entry, he posted their first family photo which Sheena first shared the said photo on her Instagram account. As stated in his caption, Jeron narrated that December 12 was a special day for them.

Clear skies in the Metro. Cool Christmas breeze coming in. And there was a 12.12 Sale happening all over!” Jeron said.

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According to him, he and Sheena didn’t get to buy anything during the sale just because they’re busy “checking out” from their Shopping Cart the “most beautiful and precious little gift” that anyone could ever receive — their baby girl.

Aside from that, he revealed that December 12 was also a special date for his wife in particular as it was Sheena’s late grandfather’s birthday.

Jeron then said that Sheena decided to name her daughter after her late grandfather.

Martina Candice, we will love you until we’re wrinkly seniors that are very makukulit! But always remember, that while times may change — I will always be your daddy and you’ll always be my little girl!” Jeron said.

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