Claudine Barretto No Show On Hearing of Case Vs. Raymart Santiago, Here’s Why

Reason Why Claudine Barretto Unable To Attend Hearing of Case Vs. Raymart Santiago

CLAUDINE BARRETTO – Here is the reason why the actress was not able to attend the hearing of the case she filed against Raymart Santiago.

Claudine and Raymart have two children – Sabina and Santino. Both of the kids stayed with the actress after their separation in 2013.

Meanwhile, Raymart were spotted several times with his daughter and son during special occasions. He even brought them abroad for a vacation.

After their separation, Claudine welcome two more children in her home – a daughter named Quia and a son named Noah. Visibly, the actress is devoting herself and her time to being a mother to her four (4) children now.

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Previously, there were reports that Claudine filed a complaint against Raymart. Allegedly, it was due to the lack of financial support to Sabina and Santino.

The Court previously mandated the actor to give Php 100,000.00 monthly as financial support to their children. According to the actress, he is not abiding by the amount set by the Court.

The complaint of Claudine Barretto against Raymart Santiago was filed before the Court in Marikina. The ex-couple was set for a hearing last December 10, 2020. However, based on a report on Pep, the actress was no show at the hearing.

According to the report, Claudine was not able to attend the hearing because of urticaria, a skin condition characterized by swollen, pale red plaques or bumps. The actress said that she had rashes all over her body.

Raymart arrived at the hearing. He sworn on the counter-affidavit he submitted to the Court.

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