Lolit Solis Defends Derek, Says Actor Is “Seryoso Kay Andrea”

Lolit Solis Defends Derek From Critics, Says He Was Serious With Andrea

LOLIT SOLIS DEFENDS DEREK – Veteran entertainment columnist Lolit Solis gave her opinion on the recent break-up of Derek Ramsay and Andrea Torres.

Both Ramsay and Torres made their relationship official last year. With the photos they uploaded on their social media account, you could see that they were happy together.

But apparently, things weren’t as it was in the surface. Unfortunately, it was reported that the couple had recently broken up.

Still, Solis believed that whatever issues the two artists may have, they’re already “mature individuals” who can make the right decisions.

Lolit Solis Defends Derek, Says Actor Is "Seryoso Kay Andrea"

Give them a little space, iyon lang. At kung talaga hindi ma save, irespeto natin ang desisyon nila, and pray na sana malagpasan nila at makita nila ang happiness na hanap nila kahit hindi na sila“, Solis said.

Furthermore, there were accusations going on online regarding how Derek wasn’t taking the relationship seriously. As such, Solis took to Ramsays defence and said: “Hindi ako naniniwala na hindi seryoso si Derek kay Andrea“.

She explained that both Derek and Andrea were serious about the relationship. On her official Instagram, Solis said that you could see Derek being proud and loving every time he was with Andrea.

To end her statement, Solis wished both Derek and Andrea the best in whatever endeavors they may face in the future.

Just make the best decision for yourselves, Derek and Andrea, no pressure, only the best for both of you

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