Kind Bus Driver Stops Just To Fix the Bicycle of Crying Boy

Heartwarming Photo of Kind Bus Driver Who Stopped Just To Fix the Bicycle of Crying Boy Goes Viral

The heartwarming photos of a kind bus driver who stopped just to fix the bicycle of a crying boy beside the road.

A kind hearted driver in Ottawa, Canada goes viral after showing an act of kindness towards a young boy crying along the road. He also received criticisms from his passengers for his unscheduled stop.

The OCtranspo bus driver on route 18 to St. Laurent stopped the bus after seeing a boy crying across the street. The young kid cried after the chain of his bicycle slipped off due to unknown reason.

Kind Bus Driver

The good-hearted driver helped the kid and fix its bicycle, which only lasted for about 30 seconds. His act of kindness will last in the memory of the kid forever.

The bus was about to make a right turn when the kid was crossing the street on his bike slowly, visibly crying with no parents nearby. As the driver was turning, he asked out the window if he was okay, so he got out of the bus to make sure he wasn’t hurt or something bad had happened,” Riot284 said.

Unfortunately, the bus driver received criticisms from some netizens for causing inconvenience to his passengers for the unscheduled stop.

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