Jessy Mendiola Denies Viral Photo Indicating ‘RIP Rico J. Puno’

Jessy Mendiola: “Respeto naman sa sumakabilang buhay”

Actress Jessy Mendiola strongly denied posting a photo of her on social media which indicated, “RIP Rico J. Puno.”

Jessy Mendiola Denies Viral Photo Indicating 'RIP Rico J. Puno'
Photo Credit: Jessy Mendiola/Instagram

The photo of Jessy Mendiola recently spread on social media, which angered many due to its inadequacy.

It seems to be taken from her Instagram stories and contains the caption “RIP Rico J. Puno.”

Rico J. Puno – considered one of the best singers in the country – passed away in 2018.

Jessy noted that the said photo is “edited.”

“Guys, tanga nalang maniniwala na I posted this. Please refrain from retweeting or reposting this. Edited pic,” she stressed.

“Respeto naman sa sumakabilang buhay,” she aded.

Jessy Mendiola, on the other hand, warned people who simply believe what they see on social media and said: “Wag maniwala sa lahat ng nakikita online.”

Despite the criticism it received online, Jessy has proven that she has been using her social media influence in the right way when it called for donations for the victims of the typhoon.

In an Instagram post, you can see a photo with “Pray for the Philippines” and the numbers and bank accounts of the Rock Ed Philippines group.

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