Naughty Guy Suggests Hilarious Way To Speed-Up Internet Connection

Naughty Guy Goes Viral After Suggesting Hilarious Way To Speed-Up Internet Connection

A naughty guy suggested a hilarious way to allegedly speed-up the internet connection, which immediately spread like a wildfire online.

Over the past few years, many Filipino people are already complaining regarding the slow and unstable internet connection in the Philippines. The slow connectivity usually causes delay in work and even completing school works.

A Facebook user named James Gil Castasus has shared the photos of cabbage placed at the top of his device claiming that it would stabilize the internet connection. The post garnered various reactions from the online community.

Naughty Guy

Castasus asked the netizens if they are suffering from a slow internet connection and give a suggestion on how to get stable internet speed. He suggest to put several parts of cabbage atop of a router to speed-up the connection.

James is also claiming that his idea and recommendation has been approved by a certain Doc Farrah.

Naughty Guy

Here is the full post:

mabagal na internet or paputol putol na connection? try putting repolyo sa router niyo para sa mabilis at stable na internet connection!!!

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

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