Kris Aquino Turns Down Show’s Back-To-Back w/ Korina Sanchez?

Kris Aquino decided to postpone her show due to Korina Sanchez?

Actress-host Kris Aquino allegedly turned down the supposed back-to-back setup of her show with Korina Sanchez’s show on TV5.

To recall, Kris has already released teaser of her talk show Love Life with Kris. However, certain factors circulated stating the reason why it did not push through. Among these factors were her health, a conflict with the show’s producer, and the show’s readiness to be aired.

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There were also speculations that “politics” is involved why the show did not push through, however, TV5 disproved this.

Through her Instagram post, Kris said that her TV comeback will no longer happen this year. In a recent article by columnist Salve Asis in Pilipino Star Ngayon, it was said that rumors surfaced that the Kapatid network intended to do a back-to-back of the shows of Kris Aquino and Korina Sanchez.

Korina Sanchez Reveals She's Courted by a Telenovela Actor
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This decision allegedly came after when Kris asked help from the Brightlight Productions of former congressman Albee Benitez. It was said that the original producer of Love Life with Kris had a problem on the financial aspect.

Allegedly, that producer even borrowed P1 million to Kris who already finished the pictorial for the show when this problem surfaced.

Kris Aquino Shares Experience on Avoiding Covid-19
Photo Credit: Lolit Solis/Instagram

Because of this, the talk show of Kris was pitched to the production company of Benitez and the back-to-back setup was brought up.

However, according to Asis, Kris allegedly turned down this offer and so her TV comeback was postponed. The columnist added that, as of now, no one known when will the television comeback of the Queen Of All Media will happen.

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