Google To Host ‘Search On’ 2020 Event

Google To Host ‘Search On’ 2020 Event

Google had officially announced a surprise “Google Search On” event which will be taking place on October 15, 2020 (US time).

This, as the said event would highlight the latest improvements to Google Search and more. Although this year’s Google I/O was cancelled due to COVID-19.

Google 2020 Event
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According to Google, the company made thousands of improvements to Google Search every year — from advancing its ability to understand language to introducing its new features that could organize the world’s information in useful ways.

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Google also invited the public to watch its “Search On” livestream event on October 15 at 12:00 p.m. PT (October 16 at 3:00 a.m. Philippines time) wherein they’ll hear about the latest ways that the company was harnessing the power of AI in order to help people understand the world around them.

In the previous years, events such as Google I/O had served to reveal major Google Search related features such as “Google Duplex” which had since been integrated into the Google Assistant.

Similarly, the company showcased its new Discover feed, upgrades for Google Images, and “subtopics” for Search at an event celebrating the 20th anniversary of Google Search.

Meanwhile, Google previously introduced “Google Workplace” — G Suite’s new name — wherein Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Meet, Docs were part of it. Also, the company was set to roll out new branding for its productivity apps as part of Google Workspace.

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