Google Introduces Google Workspace

Google officially introduced Google Workspace

Google officially introduced Google Workspace as G Suite’s new name and also a complete modernization of the company’s productivity offerings.

This, as it was the company’s serious step towards modernizing its work platform.

Google Workspace
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Javier Soltero, the head of Google Workspace, pointed out how both connoted being in a very traditional box wherein work was done in an office building.

That’s clearly no longer the case this year with a lot of people working from their respective homes and relying on the web in order to communicate and be productive.

The new “Workspace” name conveyed a sense of mobility and how work could increasingly be done anywhere.

However, the real way Google Workspace wanted to manage the user’s day was by saving it and letting the user get everything done in one window.

The said development flew under the radar over the summer, but Google’s new Gmail put all of its key communication tools in one app.

In addition, e-mail, instant messaging, and video calling were now side-by-side and the user may no longer have to decide what app to open or navigate to, and can just click in Gmail for the right tool.

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Google Workspace made some changes to its old G Suite pricing structure, but that won’t be felt by frontline workers. Rather, the takeaway for those end-users was that this was the same set of Google tools that they had used in their personal life.

Rebrands — especially for Google — could sometimes be stark, but overall Google Workspace wasn’t meant to be disruptive for those who were using these tools day in and day out.

Users would also notice the new four-color icons for Meet, Gmail, Drive, Calendar, and Docs in the “coming weeks”. Meanwhile, Google’s new Gmail with Chat and Rooms was already available for all paying customers.

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