Google Intros Google Trends Philippine Elections Page

Google Trends Philippine Elections

Google recently introduced Google Trends Philippine Elections page. GOOGLE — The Alphabet-owned tech giant recently introduced a dedicated Search trends election page for the upcoming Philippine elections on May 9, 2022. The company said in a press release that this was designed to make it easier for the media to find this data for their … Read more

Google Releases Year in Search 2021

Google Year in Search 2021

Google officially released this year’s “Year in Search” GOOGLE — While YouTube Rewind had been retired for good, the tech giant recently released this year’s “Year in Search“. Google annually analyzed which search terms saw the highest spike over the course of the last year and those phrases and questions that saw unusually high growth … Read more

Google To Host ‘Search On’ 2020 Event

Google Search On

Google To Host ‘Search On’ 2020 Event Google had officially announced a surprise “Google Search On” event which will be taking place on October 15, 2020 (US time). This, as the said event would highlight the latest improvements to Google Search and more. Although this year’s Google I/O was cancelled due to COVID-19. According to … Read more