Gary Valenciano Reveals Result of Cancer Test (VIDEO)

Video of Gary Valenciano About His Cancer Test

GARY VALENCIANO – The Kapamilya singer-dancer shared through a video the result of his annual cancer test.

One of the celebrities who went through a lot in terms of health is Mr. Pure Energy Gary Valenciano. It is no secret to the public that he is diabetic and also had heart complications.

Gary V. is married to Angeli Pangilinan-Valenciano. They have three children – Paolo, Gab, and Kiana Valenciano. Paolo, a successful creative director, already has his own family now while Gab and Kiana are focusing on their careers.

The 2018 was a very challenging year for Gary V. and his family. He had an open heart surgery and he was diagnosed with cancer in his kidney as well.

The veteran singer went through operation to remove the cancer in his kidney. Despite the very serious health concerns, he has always been in high spirits and that’s because of his unfailing faith to the Almighty.

The Valenciano family survived the ordeal. He recovered fast and was even able to return to the stage in just a few months.

Following that challenging conditions in 2018, Gary Valenciano is undergoing a cancer test every year. It is to check the status of his health and to identify if the cancer is getting back to his body.

Recently, Gary Valenciano went through his annual cancer test. It was supposedly scheduled in June but it was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Through a video, Gary V. shared a glimpse of his preparation for the test and the machine being used to check on him. He also revealed the results. Here’s the video he posted on Instagram:

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  1. God is good and your faithfullness to God almighty placed you in His protection . He only have to say the word and you will be healed. God please embrace Gary V with your almighty greatness and love , heal him God .Thanks be to God


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