Gardo Versoza Reacts to Critics Calling him ‘Gay’

Gardo Versoza: “Kahit saan naman yata [may bashers]”

Actor Gardo Versoza has reacted to his critics particularly those who call him gay.

Gardo Versoza Reacts to Critics Calling him 'Gay'
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The action star, who became famous in the 90s, has been active on social media posting his dance challenge videos with his wife Ivy Vicencio.

While many are happy with the dance videos that he posts on social media, it seems that there are some who are not glad and tend to criticize him.

According to Gardo Versoza, there are still people who judge him because of his dance videos and even call him “gay” but he and his wife just ignore the bashers.

He added that there is no reason for him and Ivy to stop their TikTok videos.

Unbeknownst to most, Ivy is Gardo Versoza’s business manager and is also said to be in-charge for their social media content.

They had been in a relationship for thirteen years before Gardo married Ivy on May 18, 2019.

But according to Gardo Versoza, he had no plans to get married when his mother passed away in December 2010.

At present, they are happy in their married life.

Watch the video below:

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  1. At this moment of uncertainties, we should find ways to enjoy and entertain ourselves to avoid stress and anxieties. The couple are not great dancers but they give entertainment to many while they’re doing favours to their health. Keep it up guys! You’re inspiration to many. Keep safe and God bless you always!


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